Christopher Wager

stow away

action-adventure story

Christopher C. Wager is an author living in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife and son Benjamin. For whom the main actor of our story is based. When Ben was a young boy, he had an illness that kept him indoors most of the time. Leaving him with little to do.

about the book

Benjamin Holt is an average thirteen-year-old streetwise kid living in Lower Manhattan during the 1930’s. His world is turned upside down, when a simple case of mistaken identity by the cops has him accidently taking refuge in the belly of the tramp steamer U.S.S. Alexandria bound for the wilds of Africa. Along the the way. Benjamin must face the challenges of living at sea, a captain’s dream of treasure, and a first mate who would would just as soon feed him to the sharks. Ben’s troubles are only tage troubles are only beginning when he is taken hostage by an evil German colonel.